What To Expect From An Hearing Loss Specialist

What to expect from an hearing loss specialist

A hearing loss specialist is a highly trained professional whose job is to evaluate and manage hearing loss problems. They use a wide range of procedures and tests to establish the cause and severity of your case before they can determine the most suitable solution for you.

Here are a few things to expect from a hearing loss specialist if this is the first time you’re seeing one.


On your first trip to a hearing professional such as an audiologist, it will be mostly a Q&A session as they try to collect all valuable information for an accurate diagnosis.

Note that hearing loss can be a result of factors such as too much exposure to noise, aging and ototoxic medications, each of which may call for a unique corrective approach.

Hearing Tests and Diagnosis

Hearing tests are carried out for a number of reasons: to check for your type of hearing loss and the possible cause, the degree of your case, if the problem is present in both or just one ear etc.

Here are the three tests your hearing loss specialist will perform on you:

  • Otoscopy – The professional will examine your ears using an otoscope to check for blockages such as wax or any other reversible problems within your ear canal and eardrum.
  • Tympanometry – Tympanometry is carried out in your middle ear to see how your eardrum responds to light pressure and to check for anything that could be inhibiting its motion. Eustachian dysfunction, fluid and infection are common culprits behind a non- responsive eardrum.
  • Audiometry – This test may be broken down further into the bone conducting test and the air conducting test. In these, you will be placed in a soundproof room where sounds of different frequencies will be made and be asked to react by, say, pushing a button or raising your arm when you hear the sounds.

Air conduction test uses earphones to determine the softest sound you can detect of the different pitches played in your ears. In bone conduction, the inner ear is stimulated directly using a vibrator placed at the back of your ear.

After the specialist is through with the tests, they will discuss the results with you and recommend a treatment if possible. If they feel that other conditions may be behind your hearing loss, they will refer you to an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor).

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Hearing Loss Treatment

The most common and effective remedy for hearing loss are hearing aids. This is the treatment your specialist is most likely to recommend to you if you’re diagnosed with hearing loss. The hearing aid recommended for you will be determined by factors such as the extremeness of your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. If the specialist finds your case too complicated to handle, they may refer you to a hearing aid specialist.

Get Your Hearing Loss Treated Today

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss or haven’t but are having difficulties hearing, it’s wise that you see a hearing loss specialist for diagnosis and treatment before the problem gets worse. Call 818-578-5093 today to schedule an appointment.