Look no further!! I was looking to update my hearing aids and went to someone that fit me completely wrong. Then I found Dr. Leiterman and he was the BEST. The tests he did were so thorough that he found the Perfect hearing aids for me!!! I saw him in Tarzana and the office was really wonderful to work with!

Jennifer L.

Dr. Leiterman is extremely patient, courteous, and professional. In fact, he tried to talk me out of some hearing aids because he felt like they were too expensive for what I needed. I did buy hearing aids from SoCal Hearing West Valley and wound up returning them within the trial period. They refunded my money without any hassle at all.

Vic C.

Within 5 minutes of our consultation, it was obvious to both Dr. Leiterman and myself that he would be unable to be the ultimate provider of service for my elderly mother, who lives outside of the L.A. area. In spite of that certainty, and the fact that his office would not profit from our visit, he provided the same level of kindness, care and professionalism I would have expected from someone who stood to gain a new patient. The office counseled us on hearing loss and the ramifications, did a complete analysis of my mom’s hearing, and gave us a ton of helpful, informative literature. After devoting an extraordinary amount of un-rushed attention to us, Dr. Leiterman went so far as to place calls to hearing centers in northern California where my mom lives, attempting to find someone in her area who would be able to help her out.

Denni D.

My wife’s research on Yelp directed me to SoCal Hearing. I now happily join the chorus of patients who appreciate Dr. Leiterman’s honest, sincere and altogether professional attitude toward providing an appropriate hearing device and continuing aftercare service as part of the purchase. The aftercare is invaluable. I haven’t required much, but Dr. Leiterman has been there to explain and help me properly maintain my device. Go no further…..this is the only place to deal with…SoCal Hearing.

Peter Q.

Dr. Jonathan Leiterman is an AMAZING and patient, professional doctor. I am so happy that I found him upon moving to the Los Angeles area.

Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about hearing and the advancements with respect to hearing devices – but he is passionate about the subject. He is honest and in touch with the newest technology.
His enthusiasm for his field and the level of care he shows to his patients is unparalleled. I am very young and lost my hearing at a young age. Being fitted with hearing aids was a heart-breaking experience for me. He made the process painless.

I have seen audiologists in NYC and ATL and now LA – Dr. L, hands down, is the best Dr I have had the pleasure of going through the process of losing my hearing, hearing aids and the purchase of with.

Storm H.

As someone in her 30’s, it was a little difficult to bite the bullet and get a hearing aide–I felt like an old lady!

But Dr. Leiterman was very calm and patient and also reassuring. He said most of his clientele are like me. His selection of hearing aids speaks to that, as he offers the technology for older people who need something pretty straight-forward, and also plenty of fun tools for the gadget-happy younger set. The hearing aid I selected even has BLUETOOTH!

The pricing is fair, but now that I have my device, I’ve realized that you can’t put a price on the ability to hear. No more trying to figure out what people are saying by watching facial expressions or trying to lip read. No more asking “what?” “what?” “what?” every 5 minutes. I realize now how exhausting that is. Now I’m so happy I can finally hear.

Arianna A.

I began working with Dr. Leiterman several years ago and several hearing aids ago. I am a psychotherapist so my hearing is vital to my work. I needed an audiologist who was sensitive to my professional needs as well to my advancing age. Dr. L is definitely the man for the job. As others have said, he is patients, well-informed, and very accommodating. Most importantly, he is a health profession first and foremost rather than simply a salesman. It is without reservation that I recommend him to anyone in need of an audiologist.

Edward D.

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