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Dr. Jonathan Leiterman, Top-Rated Hearing Loss Specialist

In the past, it was hard to diagnose hearing loss in infants, until about the age of two years when it became apparent that he or she was taking too long to start talking. Early diagnosis and intervention, preferably before the age of six months, significantly increases the likelihood of your child improving his/her ability to hear and speak, for proper academic and social performance. This is actually the reason why all hospitals across the US are required to perform newborn hearing screening, so the necessary treatment can commence as early as possible.

However, there are some instances where hearing loss occurs after birth. Some of the common causes of acquired hearing loss include:

  • Infections like mumps, measles, whooping cough, or meningitis
  • A perforated eardrum
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke
  • A serious head injury
  • Taking ototoxic medications
  • Untreated or repetitive ear infections (otitis media)
  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Aging

At whichever stage you realize that your infant or child has hearing loss, you can seek professional help to test and assess your child’s hearing impairment, and present a range of hearing solutions to help your child communicate and enjoy the sense of hearing.

Audiologists and hearing specialists are trained to perform hearing tests for children and adults with impaired hearing. They can not only help you with hearing loss, but also check for any other underlying issues that may be affecting your ability to hear.

How can you be sure you are choosing the right hearing health care professional?

Positive online reviews

Start your search online. Ideally, your preferred hearing health care professional should have exceptional online reviews and be able to provide you with real-life patient testimonials.


The hearing care professional you choose should provide an amazing patient experience.


The hearing care professional you choose should be passionate and confident about restoring hearing clarity by focusing on the brain and ear connection and 100% committed to a positive experience for every client.


The hearing care professional you choose for hearing help should make you feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for.

With great professionals, there is no reason you or your spouse shouldn’t hear clearly and have the confidence that comes with it.