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Hearing Loss Diagnosis

Hearing Loss Diagnosis

Dr. Jonathan Leiterman offers comprehensive hearing loss diagnosis including hearing loss tests and treatment in Tarzana CA. Schedule your free consultation today.

At SoCal Hearing West Valley, we’re committed to providing the best hearing care services in Tarzana and improving the overall health and wellness of our patients. We believe that communication, trust, and dedication as the three pillars to promoting quality of life of all in need of hearing health care in Tarzana.

Dr. Jonathan Leiterman performs hearing loss diagnosis based on your history, behavior and your audiological or medical examination results.

When you come for hearing loss diagnosis at our offices in Tarzan, you’ll find out what might be the cause of your hearing loss and if it can be treated.

As the top-rated audiologist in Tarzana, Dr. Jonathan Leiterman offers the following comprehensive hearing loss tests and diagnosis:

  • Physical exam
    During your physical exam, Dr. Jonathan Leiterman will gently look in your ear for possible causes of your hearing loss. The potential causes to be looked at include earwax, inflammation from an infection, and any other structural damage to your ear.

  • General screening tests
    This test is done to determine how you respond to different sounds. You’ll be asked to cover one ear at a time to find out well you hear words spoken at different volumes.

  • Tuning fork test
    In some cases, Dr. Jonathan Leiterman may conduct tuning fork test to help detect hearing loss in patients. A tuning fork is a two-pronged, metal instrument that produces various sounds when struck. Tuning fork tests are effective because they help to reveal whether the cause of your hearing loss is as a result of damage to the eardrum, sensors or nerves of your inner ear.

  • Audiometer test
    This is a more detailed hearing loss diagnosis conducted by Dr. Jonathan Leiterman to help evaluate the cause of your hearing loss. In this test, you will be asked to wear earphones and sounds are directed to one ear at a time. The audiologist presents a range of sounds coming at various tones and asks you to indicate each time you hear the sound.

    The tones are then repeated at faint levels to determine when you can barely hear. Sometimes various words are presented to you to find out your hearing ability.

In the event you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, Dr. Jonathan Leiterman will work closely with you to find the best choice for you audiology needs by taking into consideration your personal hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. We will help you address your hearing loss by providing you with the best hearing solutions such as hearing aid, medication, and special training.

We Help You Hear Again!

If you think you have hearing loss, do not despair. Come to SoCal Hearing West Valley for the best quality hearing loss treatment and patient care. Request a free consultation with the audiologist today. Call us at 818-578-5093.