Top-Rated Hearing Loss Specialist
in San Fernando Valley

Dr. Jonathan Leiterman, Top-Rated Hearing Loss Specialist

Dr. Jonathan Leiterman is a top rated hearing loss specialist providing the highest standards of hearing care services in Tarzana, CA.

Dr. Leiterman is a licensed audiologist practicing in Tarzana who is committed to helping his patients achieve healthy hearing. He has a sincere passion for hearing care with an enduring desire to treat communication disorders and support individuals through innovative and effective hearing solutions.

Dr. Leiterman listens intently and respects the needs of his patients so as to tailor his treatment to suit their specific requirements.

At SoCal Hearing West Valley, we work together as a team so as to provide you with the best hearing health care in Tarzana to help you hear well again.

We offer a whole range of audiology services in Tarzan including hearing loss solutions, advanced diagnostic hearing evaluations and a full-service hearing health care.

We also provide modern high quality hearing aids as well as custom-made hearing aid solutions for top manufacturers in the country like Beltone, making us your premier hearing health provider in San Fernando Valley.


Featured In Ventura Blvd Magazine

Dr. Leiterman in Ventura Blvd Health Magazine

Ventura Blvd Health, published on May 15, 2016.

Why Choose Dr. Jonathan Leiterman, Hearing Specialist Tarzana, CA

  • Provides dedicated and patient-focused hearing health care
  • Punctual and committed to allotting appropriate amount of time to all patients, including follow-up appointments
  • Has vast experience and expertise in providing unique and advanced treatments in all aspects of hearing
  • Provides excellent hearing healthcare in a safe, warm, and comfortable environment
  • Combines the latest technology in hearing aid solutions to help boost your hearing and quality of life
  • We accept flexible payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Discover Cash, Check and Debit payments
  • We also accept insurance payments from major insurance carriers
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Our office working hours are Monday- Friday 8:00- 5:00. Come to SoCal Hearing West Valley for all your hearing problems in Tarzana, CA. Contact us online or call Dr. Leiterman at 818-578-5093 to request an appointment today.