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Hearing Solutions with Dr. Leiterman | Tarzana CA

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Dr. Leiterman was recently interviewed by VENTURA BLVD where he discussed top hearing solutions, defining his specialty, and insights into his life outside his practice.  Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Off the Clock with Dr. Leiterman

I spend time with my wife of nine years, Shoshana, and two sons. I enjoy hot yoga, golf, playing basketball, coaching my son’s sports teams, and I am an avid rider of motorcycles.

Shared Tip

Hearing loss is correlated with a lot of different medical disorders. It’s important to ask your doctor to get an annual hearing test to make sure you’re not losing hearing.

Practice Specialty

Hearing solutions and vestibular diagnostics. We specialize in finding the top hearing technologies to help improve people’s quality of life and helping physicians help diagnose vestibular disorders.

“I am well-versed in the best hearing technologies available.”
…Read more of Dr. Leiterman’s interview at VENTURA BLVD.
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